Semiconductor Manufacturing
PKG(lead frame or PCB) Frame 분배기

(Pkg Frame Distribution equipment)
- Reflow에서 배출되는 PKG frame을 magazine 적재 후 machine으로 분배
(The PKG frame that is ejected from the reflow is After loading, distribution to the machine)
- PKG Frame을 자동 정렬
(Automatically aligns the PKG frame that is ejected)
- 4Line 설계로 정렬된 PKG(load frame or PCB) Frame을 정체구간 없이 magazine loader로 전달
(4Line design allows distribution without any congestion in the reflow)
Power (Single) 220V 50~60Hz
Air Pressure 5~6Bar
Motor Type N / A
Materials Supply Chemical-Protective Pump (x4)
System Control Touch Panel & Push Switch
System Size W:1000mm / L:770mm / H:1500mm
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